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Re: Which version

Hi Guys

For sake of not repeating the same topics in this thread I will start
off by saying that I am also a recent convert to Debian Testing PPC
from Ubuntu 6.10. My primary motivation for moving to Debian was as a
result of a recent decision by Canonical to drop support for PPC as of
the end of version 6.10.

I invested a lot of time and resources in getting my Ubuntu system
'stable' only to discover that my life cycle with Ubuntu would in fact
not last very long and this was a hugely disappointing factor for me.
From a ethical point of view this made me realise that as long as any
company is behind any kind of distro the only thing that will
ultimately matter is the companies bottom-line and not the end user.

I figured it would be wise to terminate my relationship with Ubuntu
immediately, rather than later, and start the lengthy process of
migrating everything over to Etch.

My only questions now relate to Etch/Testing and future distro
upgrades. I downloaded the testing netinst iso and have setup my
testing system by downloading packages from the internet. In the hope
that I don't sound too stupid is the latest testing ISO, downloaded
from the US mirror a week ago, in fact the same as Etch RC1? I noticed
that as of today a whole bunch of Etch RC1 files were published to one
of the mirrors and now I am confused as to whether I have Etch or
rather some beta version pre-Etch.

Assuming I don't have Etch RC1 will an apt-get distro-upgrade bring me
up to RC1 or will security updates do the job?

Finally I would like to ask, as a newcomer, will future upgrades to
either the new testing or unstable versions of Debian be simple or
will a re-install be required? I'm not sure how the testing and
unstable versions are viewed in light of distro-upgrade so any clarity
would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to being a new Debian user.


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