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Re: backup archive format saved to disk

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 12/12/06 16:30, Mike McCarty wrote:

Ron Johnson wrote:

My recollection of the 1980s MS-DOS world was that Turbo Pascal's
problems were it's small memory model and lack of modules until
v4.0, by which time C had already taken over.

Who said anything about MSDOS? C took over when CP/M was the rage.
"Modules" are just what I mentioned with respect to "separate

The issue with Pascal is that it is completely unsuited to
systems programming altogether, because it has no escape
route from the strong typing, no provision for separate
compilation, and uses interpreted p-code.

I'm not a systems programmer, I'm a DP programmer.  Thus, I don't
give a Rat's Arse whether my language of choice is good for system

I wouldn't give you a rats ass for your opinion :-)

Just kidding.

programming.  In fact, I *like* B&D languages.  Why?  Not needing to
worry about pointers and heaps and array under/overflows trampling
over core means that my jobs die less often, which is A Good Thing.

It certainly is. I'm not trashing Pascal. I liked Pascal. And, if
you read what I wrote earlier, I commented that it is, for all
who have eyes to see, a superior language /as a language/ to C.
It is unsuitable for systems programming for various reasons.

It is unsuitable for any large program because it does not have
separate compilation, which is a necessity when a program gets
over about 1000 LLOC or so.

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