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Re: Illegible PDF (KDE and Sid) (SOLVED (maybe))^W^W

El Dilluns 04 Desembre 2006 21:43, Benjamí Villoslada va escriure:
> El Dilluns 04 Desembre 2006 19:42, Joshua J. Kugler va escriure:
> > Make sure you haven't enabled KPrinter's "Hangman" mode.
> >
> I've changed the KPrinter configuration: Fonts section > unselect «embed
> PostScript fonts when printing» (I read this message in catalan, this 
> english version is improvised and possibly wrong, like all of my english
> O:)
> Now works.

Make PDF but not prints (in paper) :((

«embed PostScript fonts when printing»  must be selected. Now my PDF files are 
in «Hangman mode» again: 

I've reseted the KPrint parameters: deleted ~.kde/share/config/kprinterrc and 
~/.qt/qtrc and doesn't works.

No other Sid + KDE with this problem --but solved? :)



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