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Using aspell-id package from Ubuntu? Was "Evolution multilingual spellchecking in Debian Etch (Newbie)."

I have tried to get a aspell to work with Evolution, to get
spellchecking in Indonesian to work. I even downloaded
aspell5-id-1.2-0.tar.bz2 from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/dict/id/
and compiled, but still no luck. The only response I got from the
Evolution list was to ask why aspell-id wasn't included in Debian or
alternatively try to contact the person/people that originally
produced the aspell5-id-1.2-0.tar.bz2 package. While I could do this,
being a newbie I would prefer to do the following:

1) Remove all bits and bobs of my aspell5-id-1.2-0.tar.bz2 compile:

$ ./configure
Finding Dictionary file location ... /usr/lib/aspell
Finding Data file location ... /usr/lib/aspell
$ make
/usr/bin/word-list-compress d < id.cwl | /usr/bin/aspell  --lang=id
create master ./id.rws
$ sudo make install
mkdir -p /usr/lib/aspell/
cp id.rws id.multi indonesian.alias /usr/lib/aspell/
cd /usr/lib/aspell/ && chmod 644 id.rws id.multi indonesian.alias
mkdir -p /usr/lib/aspell/

2) To download an Ubuntu aspell-id .deb and try to install it. The
problem is getting the file. I would also have liked to search the
Debian site to make sure that one isn't available, but I got the
message that the search capability is down :-(

BTW, here was the reply to my comment on the Evolution list about the
lack of documentation in the help file with regards to installing new
aspell dictionaries and configuring them to work in Evolution:

"this is a bit better in the evolution 2.8 documentation, it now says:
"To choose a spell-checking language, select it here. You must install
the gnome-spell package, available through ZENworks(TM) Linux
Management, for spell-checking to be available in Evolution. Additional
dictionaries are also available through Red Carpet(TM) and are detected
automatically if you have installed them. You must also install the
aspell package. If this is the case, please contact your packager.""

Can anyone help me with the two above steps?



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