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Re: Greetings and a minor rave!!

Peter Colton wrote:
	hello andy,

	A document that is very handy " Debian Reference "
" apt-get install debian-reference-en "
link for file brower : /usr/share/doc/Debian/reference/reference.en.html

	regards : peter colton

On Monday 11 December 2006 19:08, andy wrote:
Hi all

I'm new to Debian - having run Slackware solidly since 8.1 I have become
used to particular ways of maintaining my machine and also became used
to a certasin belt-&-braces mentality. I loved Slackware, found
tremendous respect for the stable way Pat Volkerding put it together and
maintained it over the years.
So, this is my first venture forth into Debian and using Etch with Gnome
as my DE, with 1Gb RAM, a P4 processor and 200Gb HDD I am feeling well
equipped to ride the obvious and demonstrable pleasures that GNU/Linux
Debian Etch brings the user. This is *so* very cool.

Well done any developers who read this - thanks for building this: this
is a rush!! I love apt-get and how stable the system seems to be, and
responsive too. I am still on a very steep learning curve, so would
welcome anyone's steer in terms of learning how to optimise my system
and good documentation for a Debian-n00b.

I am seriously impressed with this system and just wanted to introduce
myself. Lots to learn - lots of fun to be had: this is what computing
was meant to be ...

wheeeeeee .... :D

Hey Peter

Thanks for that link - very useful. That's the home-page for my Galeon browser. Lots of reading.

Give me a few hours to work my way through that :)



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