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Re: Greetings and a minor rave!!

congrats andy and welcome!

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 07:48:13PM +0000, andy wrote:

> >>Debian Etch brings the user. This is *so* very cool.

word to the wise. do some reading and get a knowledge of the
differences between "etch" and "testing" and "stable" and tracking the
various flavors of deb. As you are a new deb user, may I respectfully
suggest that you set up apt to track "etch" and not "testing" at this
point. current "testing" is about to become the "etch" stable release
and so if you track "Etch" you will likely face little breakage at this
time. however, if you track "testing", then when "etch" becomes
"Stable" you will likely face lots of churn and breakage in the "testing"
branch. not fun for someone unfamiliar with deb. 

there are many discussions/wars about this topic in the archives of
this list with many analogies to help someone understand this topic.

> >>
> >>Well done any developers who read this - thanks for building this: this
> >>is a rush!! I love apt-get and how stable the system seems to be, and
> >>responsive too. I am still on a very steep learning curve, so would
> >>welcome anyone's steer in terms of learning how to optimise my system
> >>and good documentation for a Debian-n00b.
> >>
> >>I am seriously impressed with this system and just wanted to introduce
> >>myself. Lots to learn - lots of fun to be had: this is what computing
> >>was meant to be ...


> >>
> >>wheeeeeee .... :D
> >>   

happy deb'ing


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