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Re: using kmail with procmail

Micha Feigin <michf@post.tau.ac.il> writes:

> I couldn't find anything about this in google.
> I currently have a working setup I like that uses fetchmail and procmail. I
> thought of moving to kmail since it can do a few things that annoy me with
> sylpheed. Is it possible to use kmail with a local maildir folder that is
> handled be procmail and fetchmail or do I need to move everything into kmail
> (which pretty much rules it out in such a case)?

You can kinda use procmail with kmail.  Kmail store all its mail in
I think you can use procmail to put mail in those folders. Never tried,
and I probably wouldn't do it (kmail seems to create some index files,
and I don't know how they will work if the index files and the actual
mails in the folder don't match).

Unfortunately, kmail won't allow you to point your maildir directory
anywhere (it insist on moving all the mail into its directory structure).

John L. Fjellstad
web: http://www.fjellstad.org/          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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