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Re: Hardware: Dynex DX-M300 USB external modem works OK?

On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 17:07 -0500, rs wrote:
>  --- On Fri 12/08, Greg Folkert wrote:
> > If you want a USB POTS Modem, get a USB Serial Port dongle, then get a
> > Fully Serial Modem. It is very tough to make an External modem with a
> > (real) Serial port a "Winmodem" and still be capable of v.92.
> By "Fully Serial Modem" you mean a modem that connects ONLY through a serial port?
> Thanks a lot for your help.

Yes. Only with a truly serial external modem, can you be assured a
non-Winmodem (Winmodem being controllerless).

Though the Dynex product page says:

	Winmodem (Controllerless) No

I have very little faith in it, I have seen quite a few modems claim to
not be controllerless... only to find that they classify the Main
processor (The Pentium/Athlon... etc processor) to be the controller. So
it is marketing that lies.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

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