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Re: aptitude --mind-your-own-business option?

Florian Kulzer wrote:
Please feel free to edit it and put it on NewbieDOC or anywhere else
where it might be useful. I am a bit pressed for time right now since I
am switching jobs next February (which involves moving to another
country). I might find time during the winter solstice holidays to expand
the text a little and submit it as a suggested addition to the


I have made a start on this, but I have run into a couple of problems when testing in Etch:

1. The "-o" option results in Aptitude running in interactive mode.

|    # aptitude -o Aptitude::Keep-Unused-Pattern='~T'

|The file "/root/.aptitude/config" is not modified. I have tried other options with the same result:

   # aptitude -o Aptitude::CmdLine::Always-Prompt=true
   # aptitude -o Aptitude::Log=/tmp/my-log

Any idea why this happens (Aptitude 4.1.1-13)?

2. I am not sure about the "-H" option for Sudo in Sarge. Should Aptitude be called with "sudo -H" like this?

   $ sudo -H aptitude ...


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