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Re: Problem installing packages with apt-get, aptitude and dselect

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
mostly I ignore anyhting marked as <done>. Anything marked as
<pending> (or other things, are there others?) I review carefully to
see if it applies on my system. Often, the bugs are for different
architectures or are things that aren't critical to me and I can
safely ignore them. In fact this apt bug is the first one (in about 6
months of using apt-listbugs) that gave me pause and caused me to hold
the package.
so to answer your question again: no, just be cause a bug is listed
doesn't mean you shouldn't install it. youmust research it a bit.

I am curious what others do.

This is a good enough explanation for me. It clears things up quite a bit. :-) Thanks.

Jose Alburquerque

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