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Re: how to override printer settings from cups, xpp, ...


A bit a shot in the dark, but when I have problems with correct
configuration via the web interface, I try to install the printer from
the command line like

lpadmin -p printer-name -v socket://ipaddress\
 -P /atheneraid/tausch/Software/drucker/NRG-DSm415_PXL.ppd

replace the last line with your ppd. This printer still won't accept
mail, so I use the cups web interface to activate and configure the
well, after some time, we found a solution. for all our printers (4100, 2300, 4650) we use the same ppd - the one for 2300. the setting of duplex and other things now work consistently.

there is just one annoying issue - when printing some postscript files on 4100, it's printed reversed - i.e., white text on black rectangles :( it happens only with some of ps's... this happens whatever driver we use (hplip, hpijs) except for the postscript ppd, but then it's not possible to change duplex settings for the printer. there's probably some problem with ps fonts, but i cannot find anything relevant on web.

I can't find a ppd for that printer on linuxprinting.org.
sorry for confusion - it's 4650...

best regards,

Lubos _@_"

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