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Re: how to override printer settings from cups, xpp, ...

I guess it's just a problem of configuration and/or ppd-stuff.
it seems so. we installed ppds for HPLJ4100 and HPLJ2300 from linuxprinting.org (standard postscript, no hplip - we had that up till now) and the settings can be changed from individual users, i.e., duplex can be turned off or changed to short edge/long edge.

the only printer that is still giving us trouble is HPLJ4560 (color). we used the same approach. in the cups settings we set everything as desired (duplex available, some other default settings). however, when properties dialog is opened in, e.g., xpp for this printer we have problem. for duplex there is either on or off. the pulldown offers
but it cannot be changed to any of these values - it always stays only on or off, whatever is selected from the pulldown.

i guess we will have to fight with this a bit... thanks for your help and if you have any hints in this last problem, i'd love to hear them.

best regards,

Lubos _@_"

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