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Re: how to override printer settings from cups, xpp, ...

Lubos Vrbka wrote:
>> I guess it's just a problem of configuration and/or ppd-stuff.
> it seems so. we installed ppds for HPLJ4100 and HPLJ2300 from
> linuxprinting.org (standard postscript, no hplip - we had that up till
> now) and the settings can be changed from individual users, i.e., duplex
> can be turned off or changed to short edge/long edge.
> the only printer that is still giving us trouble is HPLJ4560 (color). we
> used the same approach. in the cups settings we set everything as
> desired (duplex available, some other default settings). however, when
> properties dialog is opened in, e.g., xpp for this printer we have
> problem. for duplex there is either on or off. the pulldown offers
> off
> on
> short-edge
> x
> but it cannot be changed to any of these values - it always stays only
> on or off, whatever is selected from the pulldown.
> i guess we will have to fight with this a bit... thanks for your help
> and if you have any hints in this last problem, i'd love to hear them.
> best regards,
A bit a shot in the dark, but when I have problems with correct
configuration via the web interface, I try to install the printer from
the command line like

lpadmin -p printer-name -v socket://ipaddress\
 -P /atheneraid/tausch/Software/drucker/NRG-DSm415_PXL.ppd

replace the last line with your ppd. This printer still won't accept
mail, so I use the cups web interface to activate and configure the

This starts out with a minimum of configuration of cups.

I can't find a ppd for that printer on linuxprinting.org.


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