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Re: Mdadm Corruption

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the reply, I'm well aware the device is a hardware raid
controller, but like most cheap raid card this unit uses the host CPU
to do the raid striping. I was concerned that if the card failed I
would lose my raid array, So I wanted to use mdadm so that I could just
replace the card with some other and have it continue working, as there
is no really advantage to the card as it uses the host CPU any way. The
other reason I choose the card is that it has 4 sata ports and my
current machine doesn't have any. The cards driver allows you to
disable the raid part of the controller and simply use it as a sata
expansion card.

And as for mdadm its been working fine untill now (18 Months). I belive
it was a power shortage but I'm not 100% sure, but the issues doesn't
lie with the card nor its abillities the issue is FSCK getting caught
in a perpetual loop.

I'm running debain 2.6.8-3-386 version 3.1 the SATA card is use the
open source driver proved by highpoint and has 4 x 200 GB western
didgital drives connected in a raid 5 configuration.


Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Maxus wrote:
> > Hi Linux Pepole,
> >
> > I have a debian box (sarge (I think)) with a 2.6.8-3.386 kernel. I
> > recently upgraded to 2.6.18 to get checkarray working in Mdadm (it
> > needs a kernel high than 2.6.15 to function) as there is not a lot of
> > point in having a raid system if it doesn't keep an eye on itself :)
> >
> > Anyhow well it went very wrong not 100% sure how, I'm running a
> > highpoint 1640 with the 2.16 driver with 4 x WD 200 GB drives. Now when
> > the system goes to mount the array it stats the array is corrupted.
> Correct me, if I am wrong, but from google, I get the impression that
> this is a _hardware_ raid controller.
> mdadm is a _software_ raid program:
> ~# aptitude show mdadm
> [...]
> Description: Manage MD devices aka Linux Software Raid
> [...]
> This is meant to implement raid on computers *without* a _hardware_ raid
> controller.
> > So, Any suggestion or ideas how to fix it? Would love to try and get
> > some of the data off the drive.
> Don't confuse software raid with hardware raid, ie. don't use tools for
> software raid on a hardware raid controller.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#Hardware_vs._software
> HTH,
> Johannes
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