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Re: Mdadm Corruption

Maxus wrote:
> Hi Linux Pepole,
> I have a debian box (sarge (I think)) with a 2.6.8-3.386 kernel. I
> recently upgraded to 2.6.18 to get checkarray working in Mdadm (it
> needs a kernel high than 2.6.15 to function) as there is not a lot of
> point in having a raid system if it doesn't keep an eye on itself :)
> Anyhow well it went very wrong not 100% sure how, I'm running a
> highpoint 1640 with the 2.16 driver with 4 x WD 200 GB drives. Now when
> the system goes to mount the array it stats the array is corrupted.

Correct me, if I am wrong, but from google, I get the impression that
this is a _hardware_ raid controller.

mdadm is a _software_ raid program:
~# aptitude show mdadm
Description: Manage MD devices aka Linux Software Raid

This is meant to implement raid on computers *without* a _hardware_ raid

> So, Any suggestion or ideas how to fix it? Would love to try and get
> some of the data off the drive.

Don't confuse software raid with hardware raid, ie. don't use tools for
software raid on a hardware raid controller.



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