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Re: My first apt-get upgrade casualty - phpmyadmin

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 06:22:22PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
Geoffrey R Thompson wrote:
   After updating phpmyadmin, I got a dialog box saying there is a conflict
   between my config file and the new one being offered.  I selected the
   `keep my config file' option - hoping this would get me through.  In
   hindsight, I probably should have looked at the differences.

   After the upgrade, I started getting `Internal Server Error' 500 538 when
   going to the phpmyadmin page.  I tried a number of things, finally doing a
   apt-get -purge remove phpmyadmin and starting over - but I still have the
   same problem.

   Any ideas?
The new version of the config file(s) should be available in
/usr/share/ucf/phpmyadmin/etc/phpmyadmin/ and can be copied to

Hi see shy jo,
I just did an apt-file search /usr/share/ucf and this and one other
package use this directory. I've never seen anyone on -devel mention
this location before. Is this someplace that other packages should use
to store suggested or default configuration files or is should this file
be moved? Just curious as ucf is for comparing config files and I dont
know what a /usr/share/ucf directory should contain unless its related
to ucf itself.
Happy hacking,

As a side-note, if a package needs the new config file installed to a new location to continue working properly after an upgrade, it should give a warning via debconf's frontend... it probably needs one added. If the user picks to keep the old config file it should "do the right thing" and either warn them about the problem so they can fix it, or move the old config file to the new location IMHO.


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