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Re: The danger of dishonest disk drives (WAS:Re: Need to remove a ghost file, but can't because it doesn't exist)

Douglas Tutty wrote:


Note that IBM does say that jfs focus more on being able to restore
filesystem integrity than on data integrity.  For higher integrity they
suggest the sync mount option.

What I haven't seen covered is how the fs/lvm/raid1 interact re the fs
committing the journal to disk.  There's probably a 2.6 kernel internals
document that discusses this but I haven't seen it yet.

I wonder if there is a filesystem designed from the outset for data
integrity after power-failure.

I have used one, but it was a proprietary one used on telecom
equipment, not one you could get off the shelf.

One thing which people new to such kinds of systems commonly do is
mistake the meanings of the terms "reliability" and "availability".
Normally, what one needs is availability of data. High availability
cannot be achieved through high reliability. The only practical means
to achieve high availability is through redundancy. This is what
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Discs (RAID) attempts to achieve.

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