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Re: Trouble browsing secure web sites (scotiaonline.com)

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 04:53:52PM -0800, Alan Ianson wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am having trouble browsing my banks web site to do online banking. I can log 
> into the site but web pages don't seem to load up in the browser. This is 
> only the case when running testing or unstable, I can navigate the site just 
> fine with sarge.
> This has been the case since shortly after the release of sarge last year, I 
> could never use the site with testing or unstable. It's been my hope that it 
> would clear up before the release of etch as stable, but now I wonder if it 
> will since the scheduled release of etch is only a month or so away.

>From my experience, etch is not ready for release.  Of three machines 
with etch installed in my house, two are unusable.  On one I dual-boot 
with sarge to get work done; on the other I've had to dual-boot Ubuntu.

I'd like to go back to Debian testing on those machines, but I can't 
until critical problems are fixed.

Apparently the people in charge of releases think otherwise.

-- hendrik

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