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Re: [OT] M$ collaborates with Suse

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 11/06/06 12:53, Matthew Krauss wrote:
Steve Lamb wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
Coolness, sounds like good news for your career too!  This reminded me,
I was in a casino and saw a video slot machine crash -- someone came by
and rebooted it, and I could see the boot sequence.  It was Linux.  I
asked the guy, and he didn't know what Linux was at all, but he said
that pretty much all the machines looked like that when you booted them up.

Linux crashed?  That's bad.
Well yes... but then we are talking about one out of hundreds of machines running continuously 24/7 and running some weird proprietary software *and* hardware, and that's the only time (out of many times being dragged to casinos) that I've seen this happen. (Much more common is hardware failure like a paper-jam in the mechanism that takes the money or prints out the little tickets.) It looked like he just hard-booted it and it came back up right where it left off. All the machines say "Malfunction voids all pays and plays", but the person who was on it just went right back to pushing the little button and watching the virtual reels spin, no voiding needed.


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