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Re: [OT] M$ collaborates with Suse

Steve Lamb wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
But because of their lock on the desktop, they also have incredible
userland and developer mindshare.

    You sure?  I had a rather interesting conversation at work the other day.
 I work at a casino outside of Vegas and the guy in charge of what technology
we use for our property came up to me and asked, "You're good at Linux, right?
  Perl, Python scripting?"


    "Good.  We can do a lot with Linux for very little cost.  Certainly
something we're looking at."
Coolness, sounds like good news for your career too! This reminded me, I was in a casino and saw a video slot machine crash -- someone came by and rebooted it, and I could see the boot sequence. It was Linux. I asked the guy, and he didn't know what Linux was at all, but he said that pretty much all the machines looked like that when you booted them up.

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