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Re: [OT] M$ collaborates with Suse

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On 11/04/06 19:07, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 04, 2006 at 11:28:54AM -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> My eyes see lots of ProLiants running Win Server 2K3, and only some
>> running Linux, HP-UX and a few running z/OS & OpenVMS.
> Really?  My eyes see about 12 racks of proliants and Suns, all running
> Linux (except for one SunFire running Solaris 8, I think and one Tru64
> box).  In fact, out of about a total of 200 workstations and servers,
> there are only about half a dozen WinXP workstations.

Lucky you.  Win Server is taking over, if for no other reason than
it's so fragile that you need to dedicate one or more servers per task.

>> The fact that MSFT's *income* in *always* increasing is prima facia
>> evidence that MSFT is winning, and has been really winning for 6
>> years (since Server 2K was released).
> No, The fact that MSFT's income is increasing is evidence that 1) they
> keep raising prices

They can because of the lock-in.

But because of their lock on the desktop, they also have incredible
userland and developer mindshare.

>                     and 2) they have been successful in developing a
> nearly unbreakable customer lock in.

Nobody said Gates & Balmer were stupid...  :(

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Is "common sense" really valid?
For example, it is "common sense" to white-power racists that
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However, that "common sense" is obviously wrong.
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