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Re: Diagnosing occassional random reboots

Mike McCarty wrote:
Dougie Nisbet wrote:


But a hunch is a hunch, and I'm entitled to explore it. It costs me 20 seconds to rerun lilo and boot of a different kernel. With the box

Of course, you can do anything you want with your own machine.

It may cost you more than 20 seconds to give this a try.

Not really. Three reboots in 2.6.17 this morning so I changed the running kernel to 2.4.27 and it's been up for 10 hours now. It'll have to be up for about 10 days before I think it's significant. I still think it's hardware.

What is a shame is that you want someone who has been building up,
repairing, and upgrading PCs since 1984 to give you free advice, which
you chose to ignore,

Ignore? I don't think so. Your original post is printed out and sitting underneath a PSU next to a toolkit and the PC. As I say, it's a few days before I'd have time to carry out your recommendations. Removing and reseating all the components, checking and reseating the CPUS, vacuuming out the PSU etc, aren't the sort of thing I want to rush.

and then help you set in order what is potentially
a worse mess.

Potentially. I don't think it's that big a risk.

To put it another way (as you say), what is a shame is that you
want someone who has profesionally repaired PCs to give you advice
on your terms, rather than on his.

Yes, that's a fair assessment. I like to go off at a tangent when I see an interesting diversion. That's how I ended up using linux after all.

What I am seeing is an interesting (and annoying) mystery with my PC. I think it's hardware. You think it's hardware. But what I'm seeing is a machine that (for the moment) is running stably on 2.4.27, and reboots at random intervals on 2.6.17. I don't understand why that should be.

> No hard feelings, and all that. Still friends. I'm just not
> willing to give you advice which you argue over.

Fair enough. Thanks for your advice anyway. We obviously have a different way of approaching things.


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