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Re: Diagnosing occassional random reboots

Dougie Nisbet wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

IMO, putting a different release on this machine is NOT recommended,
and should be deferred until it is running stably again. I prefer
trying to fix one problem at a time. If you install new software
and it acts up, then is it the new software? Is it the old hardware
getting worse? Or both? Or what?

Um, if the current release is the problem, then it will never run stably

I thought you said it has been running without a change for some time.
I quote your exact words:

A server which has been running steadily for years is beginning to
reboot. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed. It is a
dual-processor PIII. It runs stable.

Therefore, my dear Watson, logically, the problem is not the load,
since that has not changed. Furthermore, the symptoms sound more like
hardware, anyway.

again. More to the point, it's easy to test. It's already rebooted twice

If you want to argue, go to someone else. If you want expert
advice, then listen.  I'm not going to try to fix a machine
which has a bunch of fiddling going on in the background.

I'm not going to bother to reply to the rest of your message.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
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