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Re: Diagnosing occassional random reboots

Dougie Nisbet wrote:


But a hunch is a hunch, and I'm entitled to explore it. It costs me 20 seconds to rerun lilo and boot of a different kernel. With the box

Of course, you can do anything you want with your own machine.

It may cost you more than 20 seconds to give this a try.

For example, getting more advice from me. Also, for example,
a machine which won't boot at all, and requiring even more
diagnosis. Twenty plus years of experience working on these
machines has convinced me that the fewer changes made, the sooner
the problems become clear and easy to diagnose and repair. Your
experience leads you to believe differently.

rebooting several times a day it should eliminate the kernel from the enquiries PDQ. That way, I'll have eliminated the impossible, and can explore the improbable.

What you will have done is muddle the waters, for reasons I stated

I'm not going to try to fix a machine
which has a bunch of fiddling going on in the background.

Fair enough. But with an attitude like that I'll happily live without your advice. Which is a shame, because what you said in your original post was useful.

What is a shame is that you want someone who has been building up,
repairing, and upgrading PCs since 1984 to give you free advice, which
you chose to ignore, and then help you set in order what is potentially
a worse mess. Since you chose to ignore the advice I gave you,
I don't see why I should give you more. You apparently think that
you know more about repairing this machine than I do. Why should
either of us waste time listening to me, when you know more than
I do, anyway?

To put it another way (as you say), what is a shame is that you
want someone who has profesionally repaired PCs to give you advice
on your terms, rather than on his. If what I have is attitude, then
I say what you have is gall. You have quite a sense of entitlement
to access to my expertise.

I'm willing to invest time in helping you repair your machine
at no charge. I believe I have a pretty good handle on the
fastest way to achieve that. You think you know a faster way.
So be it.

No hard feelings, and all that. Still friends. I'm just not
willing to give you advice which you argue over. If that's
an attitude, then I think it is a reasonable one.

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