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Re: postgresql database file names

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On 10/29/06 11:18, Tony Heal wrote:
> OK, how do you determine the disk size of a database. I have a var partition
> that is at 90% capacity and growing, and there are some databases I can
> remove, but it would be easier if I knew which DB's were taking up what disk
> space.

I don't think you can.  However, the postgresql-general list would
be helpful.  Also, the Postgresql docs are pretty thorough.  They
*might* point you to system tables that can help you write a script
to determine the info you want.

If you use v 8.1.x, tablespaces are the way to go.  Among other
things, they let you put each database (and schema and table and
index, if you'd like) in it's own subdirectory.

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