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Re: Classic Gnubie accident

Ron Johnson:
> On 10/29/06 15:21, anthony wrote:
> > 
> > -rw-rw-r-- 1 anthony anthony 26 2006-09-21 18:56 /home/anthony/.dmrc
> > 
> > but the login message is the same.

Look into ~/.xsession-errors, maybe there's more info.

And BTW, my ~/.dmrc is 600:
-rw------- 1 jrschulz jrschulz 37 2006-08-09 10:46 .dmrc

Antoher possiblity: delete the file and log in again (after choosing the
session you like).

> > I am reading the debian manual on file permissions, but I don't see an
> > obvious way to reset this especially since I only have access to this
> > file as root. 

Strange. It should get written by a root process (your login manager),
but be owned by you.

> > Any help much appreciated
> This is (one reason) why I don't like GUI login managers.
> If you have a boot CD, fire it up and go from there.

There's no need for that. You can still Alt-Fn to a regular console and
use that.

> And then purge xdm, gdm, kdm and log in like a Real Geek.

Real geeks may still have their terminals running under X. :)

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