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Re: mutt, gnome terminal, xemacs, gnuserv, debian etch

Hendrik Mangels wrote:
Russell L. Harris (2006-10-28, 18:21):
I wish to use xemacs as the editor for mutt, with mutt running
in gnome terminal on a Debian etch i386 system.



Thanks, Hendrik.

In "~/.bashrc" I put the line:

    export EDITOR=/usr/bin/xemacs

Now mutt starts xemacs after I enter a subject for the message, but when
I save the message and exit xemacs, mutt treats the text of the message
as an attachment, rather than as an integral part of the e-mail.

According to The Linux Mail User HOWTO, section 2.1, "Setting your mail
editor", I need to set EDITOR to the value "gnuclient" and put the
following two lines into "~/.xemacs/init.el":

    (autoload 'server-edit "server" nil t)

But that doesn't seem to work.  I am confused.


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