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Re: Why I left Debian

Damon L. Chesser wrote:
> No, you are right, but as far as I know, it is NOT included by default
> in any Linux.  Nos Suse, not FC, not Ubuntu, not Debian, not any I have
> tried.

    Mepis?  One of my on-again-off-again projects is to drop Windows for my
gaming platform.  Switching to OSX is one option but it's major drawback is
that I am praying for developers to port to it.

    The other is Cedega layered over a Debian distribution.  However since it
is my game machine I don't want to twiddle with making audio/video work.  The
point of the game box is to turn it on and relax not tinker with stuff that
can get quite frustrating.

    To that end I tried Fedora as a base for Cedega but it honked me off about
5 minutes after a fresh install.  Switched over to Mepis and it does have
automatic ATI/nVidia drivers install in the same amount of time as Windows
does.  IE, about 1 reboot.

    Of course my game machine is ATI and ATI's driver support barely covers
enough to get 3D started.  Last I tried CoH, CSS and WoW all didn't work.  :/

    Anyway, point is there's at least one distro out there that is kind to
people who want high-end 3D.

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