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Re: Why I left Debian

On Sunday 29 October 2006 07:18, steef wrote:
> Bruno wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I really do not want to start any flame here but after all, as I used
> > Debian for few months, I find honest to say why I'm leaving it.
> >
> > So few months ago, I installed etch on my laptop (previously had Fedora-5
> > on it) just to try it and because I think is good and important to try
> > other distros when you have some free partition / computer and time to do
> > it.
> >
> > Hereafter main problems encountered (some recurrent) these last months :
> >
> > - as I installed etch around 50% of shutdowns never complete. So common
> > that I was used to unplug battery simply to shutdown. Same for 'logout
> > session' which allways freeze the laptop with a new login attempt.
> >
> > - recently I had to 'pinning' apt-get (or dpkg..do not remember..) on
> > previous version because latest version continuously break apt-get
> > repository. Only cost few hours of googling to find a solution.
> >
> > - 'kde su root' reject root password (...which was accepted in a 'su
> > root' in a console)
> >
> > - flgrx / mesa / libGL often block apt-get update/upgrade seems because
> > of a dependency about libGL. Difficult to install a 3D system but even
> > more difficult to keep it stable that I decide to forget 3D when using
> > etch on my laptop.
> >
> > - others..sorry only remember hours of googling to find solutions..
> >
> > Once again I do not want to start any flame here : indeed Debian is a
> > superb distro (packaging system is really superb) but, IMHO, dedicated to
> > 'Linux techies' ?
> > However my conclusion is this week-end I'll move back to Fedora (even if
> > yum is so far behind dpkg).


Reading your posts definitely strikes a sympathetic chord with me. My take on 
this kind of thing is that free software is not software for nothing. Rather, 
it is software that sets people free to an amazing degree from slavery to the 
owning classes. And part and parcel of this freedom is giving back to the 
community. For some this may mean trying something like Debian and deciding 
it's not for them >and making public the reasons for their decision. For 
others giving back is trying directly to solve problems in the community. I 
hope that in the future both of us will be able to make contributions of the 
latter type. 

tom arnall
north spit, ca

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