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Re: switching from mbox to maildir in mutt, exim, etc.: how?

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On 10/27/06 16:25, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I'm looking at my system backups and notice that there is some clutter
> form mbox files being updated almost daily. I think the clutter would
> be reduced by switching to maildir (true?), but I wonder about other
> consequences of such a switch. In particular, when I google the topic
> of how to switch, I find only people asking the question, and some
> comment to the effect 'why bother?', but no answers. Is it a bad idea
> for reasons which I have not yet fathomed? Where can I find a recent
> HOWTO that adresses Debian issues, if it is not bad?

You could implement IMAP.  Courier- and Doveccot both support Maildir.

However, I'm not sure what you mean by /clutter/.  Constantly
rewriting the mbox file keeps the fs busy, and might cause file
conflicts.  OTOH, Maildir creates one (weirdly-named) file per mail
message.  That *really* clutters up your data directory!!!

That being said, I implemented an IMAP server, and am more than
happy with it.

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