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Re: Recent spam increase

Chris Walters writes:
> As for stopping spam, as we have recently seen, word lists are not going
> to be the answer, since spammers are now using images

These rules are presently stopping most image spam here:

rawbody INLINE_IMAGE    /src\s*=\s*["']cid:/i
describe INLINE_IMAGE   Inline Images
score INLINE_IMAGE 4.0

rawbody INLINE_IMAGE3D    /src\s*=\s*3dcid:/i
describe INLINE_IMAGE3D   Inline Images 3D
score INLINE_IMAGE3D 4.0

rawbody INLINE_IMAGE3DQUOTE    /src\s*=\s*3d["']cid:/i
describe INLINE_IMAGE3DQUOTE   Inline Images 3DQUOTE

John Hasler

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