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Re: how can i see booting messages ??

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 01:42:04PM +0200, debian wrote:
> Hello,
> Works fine for me now, but I was wondering...
> Is there a way to use normal terminal (the monitor, keyboard of the
> specific server) and also serial redirection at the same time ?
> When my server restarts, I can see everything on the monitor but also in
> my ZOC terminal session on my laptop, which is connected to the COM port
> on that server.
> It would be easy if you just connect your serial cable to a server and
> have instant access.
> The way it is configured now, I only get output on my zoc terminal
> session and not anymore on the server monitor as soon as grub starts
> booting.
> Grtz,
> Verus

It depends.  For example:

	Bios is usually one or the other (usually just the graphics

	Grub I think is one or the other, not both.

	The kernel can do both (or multiple console outputs), just tell
	it both in the console= line, see the serial-console howto.

	Unless I need the serial port for something else, I generally
	have the kernel send console messages to both, and have a getty
	run on ttyS0.  If I don't need the serial console I can ignore
	it.  When I do need it, it is already set up.


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