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Re: sareg to etch question

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 02:16:28PM -0400, John Graves wrote:
With the impending move of etch to stable, I have a question on how to do the upgrade. I am running sarge with the 2.4.25-1-386 kernel. I understand that etch requires the 2.6.x kernel. This would imply that I have a kernel upgrade in my future. Do I want to do that upgrade on sarge?

To upgrade from sarge to current testing? I'd do it if its not a
production system and you can handle any possible breakage.

The server is running Samba and is primarily used as a file and DHCP server for the network. It is a production system.

Will that allow me use my package manager to do the etch upgrade by setting my source list to stable rather than sarge?
My source list is currently set to sarge Before sarge went stable I had set it to stable and the upgrade went well. Now I am only seeing security updates. Is it true that etch will require the 2.6.x kernel? If so, it does sound as though I want to do that and leave my sources list set to sarge until I am sure that the server is stable, and change my sources to stable and let what happens happen.

If your sources.list is set to sarge, then when etch is released,
nothing will be upgrade to etch.
If your sources.list is set to stable, then when etch is released,
you will upgrade to the current stable -- etch. But wiil upgrde again
when the next stable is relased.
If your sources.list is set to etch, then when etch is released,
you will upgrade to etch and stay with etch.

If you wait for etch to be relaesed, there will be an 'sarge to etch'
upgrade guide (release notes) that will help you address what every
issue have been found.

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