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Re: cdrecord replacement (wodim) fails (WORKS NOW)

Wayne Topa(linuxone@intergate.com) is reported to have said:
>   Just upgraded cdrecord and k3b to burn a Knoppix CD and find that
>   the new replacement for cdrecord, wodim, can't handle it.  It fails
>   saying the file is larger the the CD.
>   I have burned 6-8 of these CD's with k3b/cdrecord with never a
>   problem, unitl wodim.
>   I am currently downloading a jigdo stable installation disk and can
>   only hope that I haven't just wasted my time (26K dialup) doing it.
I had to reboot, due to a power failure, and on reboot k3b (wodim) was 
able to burn the CD without errors.

Strange, but it does work!


There are two ways to write error-free programs.  Only the third one works.

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