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Re: No xterm (or equivalents) immediately accessible in default etch

jameson__debian@coost.com wrote:
We in Linux heavily use the command-line. So, I was dismayed when my new Debian etch version displayed a Gnome interface WITHOUT ANY XTERM (or GNOME-TERMINAL or KONSOLE) and not even any immediate panel options for these terminals.

Gnome's "Add to Panel" includes a trashcan and a file-manager just like
Microsoft, but not one of Unix's foundations -- a text terminal.
I eventually kludged a gnome-terminal icon onto the Gnome panel.
Or I can
   Applications -> Accessories --> Terminal
but this should not be the primary approach to command-line entries.

Yes, once I have a gnome-terminal running, future logins re-deploy it,
and that's actually an improvement to making inclusions in ~/.xsession (although Gnome drops some applications from later logins as Sun did
10 years ago).

THE XTERM (or its equivalent) SHOULD BE IN MY FACE THE VERY FIRST TIME I LOGIN, requiring at most a single obvious mouse click.

Gee whiz....

I really don't understand why you would complain or what the problem is? All you have to do is click on "My Computer" and then go to "My Documents". If you have a problem the little wizard will come out and fix everything for you.

Why in the world would anyone want to know how something works or be able to control the program themselves using an xterm?

Won't it be just peachy keen wonderful when the linux desktop looks, feels, and operates "exactly" like Windows XP?

I won't ever have to think again ...

What a beautiful new world..

<sarcasm mode off>

You're absolutely correct. The xterm should be "IN MY FACE" every time I log on. (it does on my box) Unfortunately the linux community is sliding down the "commercially" driven "one desktop fits all" slope, so that once all the desktops are basically the same, commercial developers will be able to write/sell programs that will play on all linux distros.

What I don't understand is why the FSF and Debian are both going down this same garden path.

Is the goal to have linux users become just as brain dead as windows users?

I've been running debian since "bo" and the days of Captain blue-eye, but it's becoming harder every day to keep a system running without using either Gnome or KDE ...

IMHO they both suck.

One of the greatest features of linux *was* that each individuals desktop was as different as that individual. The box looked, operated, and sounded the way that user wanted it too.

Now it seems that individuality is out-of-style and every useful tool/program that is not part of gnome/kde is being pushed out-of-the-way or becoming "depreciated".

I'm beginning to hate that word.


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