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Re: Petition about the Firefox trademark problem

Mike McCarty wrote:
Steve Lamb wrote:
Hans du Plooy wrote:
Calling someone a weasel has never been a compliment
*covers his ferrets eyes* Hey, there's children present! Sheesh, some
I enjoyed that post.

Well, how about "Web Ferret"? "Ferret", AFAIK, only has neutral
connotations, and in this context, perhaps good ones (nosing around
for information).
Freaky! Many years ago I contemplated writing a web browser -- that was the name I was going to give it. It followed naturally from having used Gopher before the web. (Never got past the contemplation phase.)
OTOH, why use a fancy name at all? How about "Debian Web Browser"?

ISTM that the purpose of such fancy names has always been to
build brand recognition and brand loyalty. Why do you feel the
need to have such in a non-commercial product?
True. What's more, really good names (like Web Ferret!) should be saved up for real separate products, not blown on umpteen different vendor-variants of Firefox.


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