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Re: ntfs rw in etch??

Bruno Buys wrote:
This is etch recently installed in an athlon with a ntfs win
partition. Mount tells me it is writable. Can I trust? I didn't write
anything to it yet, just read. Writing to ntfs from linux sounds like
a taboo, to me.

/dev/hda1 on /media/hda1 type ntfs (rw,gid=1000,uid=1000)

from the man page to ntfsmount (etch)

       ntfsmount - NTFS module for FUSE.

       ntfsmount device mount_point [-o options]

ntfsmount is a FUSE module that rely on libntfs. You need FUSE to com-
       pile it, xattr is recommended, but not mandatory.

       Fully implemented ntfsmount features:
              · Read-write access to normal and sparse files.
              · Read-only access to compressed files.
              · Access to special Interix files (symlinks, devices, FIFOs).
              · List/Read/Write/Add/Remove named data streams.
              · Supports Linux and FreeBSD.

       Partly implemented features:
              · Create/Delete/Move files and directories.
              · Hard link files.

I have no expierience myself how trustable that is...

HTH, Johannes

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