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Re: Dirty spam

On Sunday 22 October 2006 15:06, Steve Lamb wrote:

>     Not directed solely at you, Mumia, just something that I've been
> meaning to say for weeks now.  Know what would really help?  If people
> would stop replying to spam, quoting spam or otherwise legitimizing spam to
> my bayesian filters.  That has to be part of the reason the spam getting
> through both of my filters (SA and TB).  I mean do I consider the replies
> to spam as ham or spam?  If it's ham then it increases the chances of
> false-negatives in the future.  If it's spam then it increases the chances
> of false-positives in the future.  Either way I'm screwed and it seems that
> every spam to make it through the list is quoted a few times now.  :/

Sorry, I did not mean to respam the spam.
Now I feel as though I need to find a special chewing gum.

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