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Re: Dirty spam

Mumia W.. wrote:
> Taking down the botnet is another way to fight the spam. It doesn't
> always work as planned:

    Not directed solely at you, Mumia, just something that I've been meaning
to say for weeks now.  Know what would really help?  If people would stop
replying to spam, quoting spam or otherwise legitimizing spam to my bayesian
filters.  That has to be part of the reason the spam getting through both of
my filters (SA and TB).  I mean do I consider the replies to spam as ham or
spam?  If it's ham then it increases the chances of false-negatives in the
future.  If it's spam then it increases the chances of false-positives in the
future.  Either way I'm screwed and it seems that every spam to make it
through the list is quoted a few times now.  :/

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