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Re: Compiling a kernel

Le dimanche 22 octobre 2006 16:43, cothrige a écrit :
> * Tim Post (tim.post@netkinetics.net) wrote:
> Hello Tim,
> [snip]
> > Then make your initrd if needed and tweak as needed, verify /etc/modules
> > is what you want it to be and you should be good to go. Cross your
> > fingers and reboot.
> This makes me think.  Recently I have gotten in the habit, after
> installing the kernel and all the associated parts, of running
> generate-modprobe.conf to get all the modules covered.  But, it seems
> that there is no modprobe.conf in Debian, and so I wonder if there is
> a similar tool or method to generate the information covering the
> modules?  Before I ran this I would have to really hunt around to
> cover the alsa stuff and so on, and so it was a nice shortcut.

This modprobe.conf is modularized in several files (you can add one) 
in /etc/modprobe.d/.

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