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Re: AVG anti-virus

On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 10:21:15AM +0200, steef wrote:
> hi list,
> AVG (www.grisoft.com) has a in their opinion 'free' anti-virusprogram 
> AVG. does debian (i.c. sarge and or etch) really need such a program? 
> and, what is free? i cannot find their source-code on their webpage.
> your comments on this topic are highly appreciated,

AVG offers a free, limited version of their windows anti-virus program
and its actually pretty good (I use it on my wife's win box and I
recommend it to my kool-aid drinking friends). It is free, in that you
don't have to pay for it. it is not free as we debianistas know free
software... do they now have a linux version? 

As to whether you need it or not, it depends. THe vast majority of
viruses are windows viruses. If you have a windows environment you
need it or something like it. There are virus scanners for linux that
will detect viruses. The reality is that you probably don't NEED it,
but should probably have it. Also, if you have WINE installed its
definitely a good idea. (the only infection I've ever had on any of my
machines (knock wood) was when I was playing with WINE and in my rush
I opened the damn thing and next thing you know... spare me the
reprimands please!)

that's my limited .02


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