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Re: System maintenance

* Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com) wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 08:36:20AM -0500, cothrige wrote:
> Scenario1: You install stable (now sarge) and the entry in your sources.list
> is 'stable'. When etch will be released the next dist-upgrade will upgrade
> your whole system to etch *without* reinstalling. You should read the release
> notes first though, especially for production machines.

Unfortunately I would have to reinstall, and now that I have things
moving along nicely I would hate to go through that.  Plus, since
things are not really messed up yet I suppose I have no reason to go
to stable at this point.  And didn't I read somewhere that December is
the date for the next release?  If so, I see even less reason to hurry.

> Scenario2: You installed testing but your sources.list has 'etch'. If you don't
> change this you will allways stay with etch, when it becomes stable and
> eventualy old-stable. Again, no reinstall needed. 

I think this is likely to be what I do.  As I see it, I can always
upgrade to testing again, at least much more easily than trying to
move down to stable.  My plan therefore is to remain with etch until I
find that I just can't live without the newest things, and since I
have spent the last four years or so with Slack, I have a feeling that
will take a little while.

> If you want to stay with
> testing you could change your sources.list to point to testing. Some people
> on this list say testing gets very broken just after the release, so you
> might want to stay with etch until things stabilize in testing and only
> then do the dist-upgrade.

I am very thankful for this heads up.  Fortunately, I was likely to
remain with etch anyway, at least for a while.  The bleeding edge is
not my natural terrain anway.

Thanks Andrei.


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