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Re: WORKAROUND Re: Cannot change hostname permanently

On 02 Oct 2006, Chris Lale wrote:

> I did try both manual change and the hostname command originally, but 
> perhaps I did not reboot in each case - I can't remember. Subsequently, 
> I have found that manually changing /etc/hostname does work, but using 
> the hostname command does not work correctly. The hostname command 
> appears to work (the hostname command reports the new hostname and a new 
> login shows the new hostname in the prompt) but /etc/hostname retains 
> the original name. Consequently, when /etc/init.d/hostname.sh is started 
> (eg at boot) the old name is set as the hostname.
> Also, the system seems slow and unresponsive after the name is changed 
> with the hostname command. Eg applications from the Gnome desktop menu 
> will not open.
> -- 
> Chris.

I've found that you have to change /etc/hosts to match /etc/hostname,
otherwise various bad things happen. The same applies if you use the
hostname command.


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