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Re: WORKAROUND Re: Cannot change hostname permanently

Anthony Campbell wrote:
I've found that you have to change /etc/hosts to match /etc/hostname,
otherwise various bad things happen. The same applies if you use the
hostname command.

Thanks. That probably explains Gnome behaving strangely.

It doesn't affect the main issue though: the hostname command does not modify the /etc/hostname file. Perhaps it is not supposed to? The manpage says that the hostname command sets the hostname:

When called with one argument or with the --file option, the commands
set the host name or the NIS/YP domain name.

It also says that the hostname is set at boot using the file /etc/hostname:

The host name is usually set once at system startup in
/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 or /etc/init.d/boot (normally by reading the con‐
tents of a file which contains the host name, e.g. /etc/hostname).

I cannot find anything which says that the hostname command itself modifies /etc/hostname.


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