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Re: keyjnote crashes computer

Anthony Campbell wrote:
On 02 Oct 2006, CJ van den Berg wrote:
On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 10:53:01AM +0100, Anthony Campbell wrote:
I installed the Debian version of a new pdf presentation programme
called keyjnote. It refused to run. I got the original version from
sourceforge and that also failed to run. This is version 0.8.2.

I emailed the author, who said it was something to do with sound
recognition, which was not required anyway. He posted a new version
(0.8.3) on sourceforge a couple of days ago. This produces a total crash
on my machine (blank screen) and I have to reboot.
It looks as if this programme is best avoided, at least for the present.
Has anyone else tried it?
The 0.8.2 version in unstable works just fine here. I would suspect that
there is a problem with your display driver and opengl (which keyjnote
uses). Do any other 3D apps run ok on your machine?

CJ van den Berg


I don't think 3D does work here; at least, googlearth does not. I have a
Matrox G550 using the standard mga driver.

I'll try the program on my IBM Thinkpad, though that does not give 3D
rendering either in spite of lengthy attempts to get googleearth working
on it.

But googleearth always crashed after a little while. Is that a good test?

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