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Re: bcm43xx support in Debian etch

Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Rainer Dorsch wrote:
Am Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2006 21:42 schrieb Damon L. Chesser:
I to, have seen this issue.  I did not pursue it as it was a total
surprise to me to even seen it work at all! I just kept using my pcmcia
Proxim Gold card.  I look forward to following this thread.


why have you been surprised to see that this work (to a large extend at least)? The bcm43xx driver is in the mainline kernel and this made me expecting it to be a pretty robust driver. But obviously you knew better.... Anyways would be nice to see sarge shipping with good suport for this chip.

And I should mention, the driver at least does not crash the system....

how does it work with `ifplugd' ?

Thanks in advance,



This issue he described is where you get dhclient running, but no reply is ever detected. It will not matter if you run ifup, manually run dhclient, use etherconf ifplugd (which just calls dhclient when detected wifi comes on line, or your wired is unplug, what ever). The problem is the stack. Ping will come back with no reply. The device is NOT working even though you get ifconfig and manually set net subnet, gateway, ip, all that. Radio indicates it is on, lights all work, just no network traffic. At least that is MY experience, I am sure Rainer can add more if that does not fit his experience.

Damon L. Chesser

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