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Re: bcm43xx support in Debian etch

Am Montag, 2. Oktober 2006 01:41 schrieb Damon L. Chesser:
> Jerome,
> This issue he described is where you get dhclient running, but no reply
> is ever detected.  It will not matter if you run ifup, manually run
> dhclient, use etherconf ifplugd (which just calls dhclient when detected
> wifi comes on line, or your wired is unplug, what ever).  The problem is
> the stack.  Ping will come back with no reply.  The device is NOT
> working even though you get ifconfig and manually set net subnet,
> gateway, ip, all that.  Radio indicates it is on, lights all work, just
> no network traffic.
> At least that is MY experience, I am sure Rainer can add more if that
> does not fit his experience.

I can confirm all the statements from Damon.


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