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Re: stable to testing: aptitude wants strange things

On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 03:45:25PM -0500, Wu-Kung Sun wrote:
> I want to start tracking testing instead of stable.  Attached (since
> it's long) is the output of "aptitude -s dist-upgrade."  Why are so
> many things being removed?  Why are so many things being held back
> when updated versions are clearly shown?  (I've never manually set
> anything to "hold.")  Why don't I see any mention of a new kernel or
> xorg?
> Thanks for guidance
> -- 
> swk

I asked the same thing a long time ago when I upgraded stable to testing 
-- only then it was woody to sarge.  Basically, I was told that the 
upgrade path was itself being debugged and there were still version 
incompatibility problems -- after all, sarge was still testing 
those days, and that's what testing is for -- to discover all 
those problems.  Certainly they were all be sorted out before 
sarge became stable.

But just repeating the dist upgrade three times resolve most everything, 
and the remaining few cleared up in a few weeks with an ordinary 

I imagine it's the same story between sarge and etch right now.

-- hendrik

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