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Re: spamcop

On Saturday 30 September 2006 12:02, Andrew Vaughan wrote:
> My phrasing evidently wasn't clear.  AIUI the problem isn't misdirected
> confirmation emails.  The problem is that some spam makes it through debian
> filters.  List subscribers then report that that spam to spamcop.  Spamcop
> then blames murphy for sending that spam.

Spamcop will list an IP address based on two criterion

1) mails sent to spamtraps
2) mails reported by users as spam

The weightage on these two are different. Sometimes a server could have been 
listed due to sending emails to spamtraps, sometimes it could have been 
listed due to users reporting spam emails to spamcop and sometimes both.

However as mentioned in 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2006/09/msg01679.html the last time 
murphy was listed is because of spamtraps. While in previous situations it 
could have been listed for reason (2), the last time murphy was listed seems 
to be solely due to (1).

If the reason is infact (1), then it is debian's fault and not spamcop's. If 
the reason is (2), then the list admins should report these users to spamcop 
and then their spamcop accounts will be suspended because spam mails on a 
mailing list should be reported only by list admin and not by the users...

hope that helps

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