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Re: spamcop

I hate to get into this discussion but...

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 06:09:46AM +1000, Andrew Vaughan wrote:

> However apparently the problem is users reporting list emails to spamcop.  
just to point out that I've personally been getting a few of these
lately. confirmation emails from lists I've not signed up for. Now, I
know better than to report these to a blacklist, and in fact, I don't
tag them as spam for my filter either, in case I miss a legit one, but
others in this world don't think and it would be pretty easy for
someone to report one as spam and there you go, the list is
blacklisted again. just a thought. 

also, threadjacking, but its spam related... is anyone else getting a
lot of these "bounced email" spam? I'm getting a TON of it lately. It
all has a .zip or .com binary attachment, so obviously its a virus or
somesuch, but man there's a ton of it lately.


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